Welcome to The Future of DeFi with OpenLeverage

Welcome to the permissionless margin trading protocol which enables traders to long or short any pair on many DEXs efficiently and securely, welcome to OpenLeverage!

The Problem With Leverage Trading?

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has gotten a lot of popularity today because of the ability of users to carry out transactions without having to request approval or rely on any intermediary. Even as the world is moving rapidly to adopt DeFi over its CeFi contemporary, it is however faced with some setbacks which calls for immediate solutions. One of such problems is difficulty to find permissionless markets when looking for leverage trading by traders.

The Solution; OpenLeverage!

To tackle the difficulties traders face when finding permissionless markets when looking for leverage trading, OpenLeverage has come up with the mission to create an entirely permissionless decentralized margin trading infrastructure. This means no permission is necessary to create a margin trading market for any pair, with isolated and market-adjusted risk controls. It doesn't just stop there!

OpenLeverage in its long term goal aims to build a decentralized crypto securities service to both retail and institutional clients, providing decentralized lending, derivatives trading and asset management infrastructure, which also integrates with the global DeFi ecosystem. With these steps, OpenLeverage has set a solid infrastructure of DeFi for users and is just on time to revolutionise the DeFi space.

It is worth noting that the key features of this permissionless market include:

  • Margin Trading with Liquidity on DEX,
  • Risk Isolation Lending Pools,
  • Risk Calculation with a Real-time AMM
  • 2 Phases Liquidations
  • LToken
  • OLE Token
  • An intuitive and user-friendly UI

I just believe you can't wait to make the best of this experience. You want to hear more? Definitely! OpenLeverage got more packages for you, and these features make OpenLeverage the most scalable margin trading protocol.

  • Anyone can create lending pools for any trading pair available on a DEX, with default interest rate and risk parameters, which the community can change via the governance process.
  • Lenders can earn higher yields by depositing assets into the lending pools, earning interest from borrowed assets, receiving OLE rewards, or receiving rewards by re-staking their LTokens to join other projects’ reward programs.
  • Just one click in a single transaction is what traders need to borrow and trade.
  • By integrating LToken, projects can integrate with the OpenLeverage protocol to facilitate leverage trading on specific trading pairs.
  • If the trade’s collateral ratio falls below the market limit, liquidators can trigger liquidations to earn rewards based on gas prices.

So what are you waiting for? Join OpenLeverage through their social media handle now to get started.

Website: https://openleverage.finance/

Twitter: @OpenLeverage

Telegram: t.me/openleverage