Welcome to SynFutures, The Next Generation Synthetic Assets Derivatives Exchange

Introducing SynFutures

  1. The Synthetic Automated Market Maker (sAMM) model.
  2. Permissionless market for adding arbitrary assets with arbitrary expiration dates.
  3. Automated Liquidator (ALQ).
  1. Price and position limit
  2. Durable mark price calculation
  3. Prohibiting position increases during final settlement

    Price and position limit aims to protect user positions and avoid unintended price volatility such as manipulation of oracle spot prices through flash loans or other unfair manipulation methods.
    Durable mark price calculation aims to address the fear of a brief second-long spike in price resulting in a complete liquidation of the trader’s position. While, prohibiting position increases during final settlement aims at restricting users from opening or increasing positions in the final hour of a market to minimize last minute price manipulation.

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