Snippet From OpenOcean Monthly Report — July 2021


OpenOcean successfully raised a total of $100,000 through SEED SHO from Dao Maker and $100,000 from Polkastarter IDO. Here’s the vesting schedule breakdowns:
SEED SHO on Dao Maker: $100,000–20% unlocked, then 8% on a quarterly basis over 2.5-year period. The sale size is $100,000 with $1,000 allocation per winner.


Product Development
UI/UX Upgrades on OpenOcean Classic & Pro versions.


Clear presentation of the DEX & CEX price comparisons in rows. Remember, on OpenOcean users can choose to either trade on a DEX with the best price or on a CEX. Low liquidity issues of DEXes can impact the price dramatically, so the option of a high liquidity CEX to trade on can sometimes be a big money saver.


- UI Design Display. Line charts supported for selected token pairs to allow users to check historical records. The “Market”section appears directly under the page for users to compare price quotes from different aggregated DEXes. Direct comparison of price from DEXes under “last price” in the “Market” section helps users find the best price.
- “Favorites” Button Added. This allows users to add and save their favorite token pairs.
- Rolling Banners Display. Campaign banners added to keep users updated on all the latest campaigns and opportunities to win rewards
User Volume Stat Updates
279,000 unique addresses
2.1Billion trading volume

Public Chain Aggregation

OpenOcean expands the trading universe by integrating Polygon and HECO to the supported networks. It offers users the best one-stop trading experience across DeFi and CeFi. Currently OpenOcean has supported 7 public chains and with 35 DEXes.



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