Seascape Network: Combo Thriller Just For You.

The last two days, seascape network decided to release a thrilling combo, the first being seascape meme content spring 2021 and the later being NFT Brawl which is considered a knock-out.

Seascape network has over the years not disappointed her community in rolling out great events and pulling unprecedented feats in the crypto space all in the bid to revolutionize decentralized finance. Taking a look at the network’s track record, one would agree that they are not ready to relent or take a break just yet.

On March 26, Seascape network had announced a Seascape Meme Content Spring 2021. According to the official release on the network’s medium page, seascape network wrote:

“Here at Seascape, we love a dank meme. Do you have the next viral meme for Seascape? Share your best content in our Seascape Community group on Telegram and we’ll give you a fine reward for your efforts! By popular demand, we’re also bringing the contest to Twitter! Check our twitter for details! We are looking for community generated content to create excitement around the NFT Brawl launch! The top 10 submissions will be selected based on quality, originality, and humor by the Seascape Team. The community will then select the top 3 via a poll”.

The seascape network didn’t just stop at hosting a meme contest, the network went ahead to promise a “fine reward for the effort of the participants. In the article posted on medium, it was stated that The prize pool is set at $500 in USDT in total!

Guidelines for the contest was given as:

Picture Specifications:

JPG, .PNG or .GIF size of minimum 800x600 px @ 72 dpi and submit as a file. We take animated content, too!

No copyright infringement material: no copyrighted visuals such as logos, brand names, or other highly notable organizations, products or characters.

Make sure you have strong content that follows our theme! Sorry, we won’t be sharing any cute cat memes (yet).

Participants have to indicate their meme is a submission for the meme contest by adding the sentence: This is my submission for the Seascape Meme Contest.

Deadline for the contest.

Our deadline for submissions is April 8th and our top 10 finalists will be announced on April 9th. Submitted content will be judged based on quality, originality, & humor and the top 10 memes will be selected based on cumulative score. The community can then vote for the top 3 memes on April 10. The top 3 will be announced on April 10 at the end of the day.

In the other news, A great portion of the Cryptosphere got in the ring for Seascape’s most recent game, NFT Brawl! This game, based around NFT minting, is the number one place to get your hands on Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs. There you can get NFTs of all qualities, from Common to Legendary, which can be traded and sold on DEXes such as OpenSea, Treasureland, or BakerySwap.

It was recorded that in the four short days since its release, NFT brawl has seen over five thousand Crowns spent in the game.

Is that not the unprecedented feat I talked about?

Calm down just yet, On top of that, thousands and thousands of Scapes have been minted and are snuggled nicely in the crypto-wallets of the mega chads playing the game.

Is that not the best news?

Calm down! There are more. The seascape network is gearing up to issue out their very first PayWave! The PayWave is a function unique to Seascape in which Crowns spent on the platform are re-distributed to all its stakeholders.

This will mean that Crown holders can not just stop winning. Over 300k worth of Crowns are waiting to be redistributed to holders and the seascape network can’t wait to give it out!

What are you waiting for? Be part of this great force in the cryptosphere and let’s take the seascape network to the moon.