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In Project Hive, any war must be won by following the Protocols. Each has a special ability; some can hurt or incapacitate adversaries, while others will protect your CyberConstruct and increase its power. The player must have a full deck of 30 Protocols equipped in order to engage in battle.The Players can also alter the Protocols in their Hive Deck, which gives them the flexibility to test out various combat strategies. As a result, every combat deck is distinct and every battle is distinct from the one before it.

The Protocol decks chosen by the players make up their Hive Deck. Every Hive Deck is distinct and might reveal the player’s intentions and playing style.

While playing the game and engaging in its different activities, players advance their Protocols. Players get more Protocols through advancing through PVE content and triumphing in PVE battles. The CyberConstruct’s inventory will be expanded when a protocol is dropped from the Hive Deck; it can then be used to upgrade other protocols, placed back to the skill deck, or traded on the open market.

Players can alter the Protocols in their Hive Deck, which gives them the flexibility to test out various combat strategies.

Protocols have seven quality classes and are NFT products. The quality of all recently acquired Protocols is “Poor.” Players must win PvE battles to acquire new protocols and improve existing ones by merging them.

Hive Deck

The Hive Deck consists of 30 Protocols, no more than 3 Regular Protocols of the same type — or 1 Ultimate. Create multiple Hive Decks to be prepared for any type of opponent!

Types of Protocols

Attack Protocols

The Attack Protocols are made to harm your opponent physically or digitally. In your hive deck, there can be no more than six attack protocols.

Defense Protocols

Use defense protocols to protect oneself from physical and digital harm. Your Hive Deck may contain no more than six Defense Protocols.

Utility Protocols

Utility Protocols, designed to change the battlefield’s momentum in your favor. Some will boost your power while others will weaken your adversaries.

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