Introducing Sheesha Finance

What is Sheesha Finance?

Sheesha Finance is a team of DeFi experts, who came out with the answer to DeFi's problem of transparency and integrity. It is a team inspired to bring a powerful DeFi to the industry, one that is trusted, well-funded, and heavily supported by a strong community. Sheesha Finance is the leading DeFi mutual fund allowing for premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Rewarding investors of any size, with unlimited DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects.

Who Gets to Participate in Sheesha Finance?

Participating in Sheesha Finance has been given a straightforward approach that everyone has a place, not just a place but an easy spot which makes all high spirited Sheesha finance community smile. Liquidity generation event is adopted by Sheesha Finance. This event allows anyone to participate by contributing ETH/BNB and receiving a portion of Liquidity Provision (LP) tokens in the process.

What then is $SHEESHA?

$SHEESHA is the Sheesha Finance token which when bought can be either held, traded or staked for $SHEESHA and partner rewards. $SHEESHA is currently listed and can be bought on Uniswap (For ETH $SHEESHA) and PancakeSwap (For BSC $SHEESHA)

How to Buy $SHEESHA on Uniswap

Visit Sheesha.Finance today for more information.



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