Kenneth Usoro

Blockchain Networks unlock the new economic model of collectivity, with projects operated and owned by their users and distribute value amongst them.

The ownership economy allows numerous stakeholders to deliver results faster, be more collaborative, and have a higher impact on the community, yet there are no mechanisms or infrastructures for scaling the Ownership economy.

ReBaked’s value-driven system of collaboration and governance allows anyone, anywhere, to effectively cooperate and build fast-moving 3.0 infrastructure & products. reBaked takes a unique approach to crowdsource and open innovation. Unlike pure contest plays, the reBaked system allows collaborators to negotiate a guaranteed minimum payment in exchange for convertible tokens from promising Web 3.0 Projects.

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ReBaked enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy. Their launchpad enables early risk-takers to support DAOs by allocating capital while enabling communities to cover immediate financial needs in a Fair Launch discovery

ReBaked Vision

reBaked in its vision aims to reconstruct the Ownership Economy:
This will be the next frontier of a community-driven infrastructure.

They also wish to enable fair launch for Web 3.0 projects that are earned, owned, and governed by the community. ReBaked also aims to introduce a novel, fast-paced,
and iterative approach to collective intelligence sourcing.

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